Rear doors

Entry lock with key
Prod. ID: 505816782
Spring for handle
Prod. ID: 505870658
Guiding plate Wistra lock
Prod. ID: 500706395
Guide bush short Wistra
Prod. ID: 500706398
Guide bush
Prod. ID: 500706396
Floating bearing
Prod. ID: 505818230
Floating bearing form F
Prod. ID: 515026973
Rubber buffer rear door
Prod. ID: 515078782
Wedge strip profile cooler door
Prod. ID: 550001428
V-groove profile cooler door CNGII
Prod. ID: 550002005
Adhesive strip for sealing
Prod. ID: 550015323
Nylon bush Ø27
Prod. ID: 515003491
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